HR WorkS.

We connect people 365d / 24h

Because the information is the key decision-making, you will dispose of all the data and financial information of your employees, in real time, at any time, anywhere.

And if furthermore, you manage directly the Prevention of Occupational Risks you will dispose the best software connected to HR and Payroll.

Among many other features, with HR Works. You can:

  • Manage the selection, training and development (skills, objectives, etc.)
  • Check the holidays, absences, Absenteeism and much more.
  • Manage the communication with your employees (circulars, corporate news, etc.)
  • Generate reports, templates, indicators and much more in any format (Excel, Word or PDF).
  • Accede to all the information of your employees (even at costs levels)

And of course, you will dispose of an Employee website in order for your workers to be able to manage the requests for holidays, absences, trainings, to update their personal data, to accede to all their documentation (paystubs, contracts, certificates, etc.) and much more.

And the best… all this integrated and connected in real time with the Payroll.

Because time is important, we help you to improve the productivity of your business.

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